Dad’s Skate Video

The author carving the pool at Hilltop Skate Park in San Francisco

My kids have been off school for winter break and I’ve been off work with them for the past week. Every day, they’ve asked me to take them to the skatepark so they can ride their new BMX bikes they got for Christmas. I’ve only skated a handful of times since I was about 13, so I decided I would take advantage of this little gift and teach myself to learn how to skate again. Specifically, I wanted to learn how to skate pools and vert. Growing up in Ohio, vert skating was something you only read about in the magazines.

Every day this week, I’ve taken baby steps and made a little more progress. On Monday, I was only able to shakily circle around the bottom of the pool on my board. By Wednesday, I was able to slowly roll forward and backwards up and down a few feet of the pool wall. On Thursday, I dropped in for the first time from the lower level and was able to skate most of the way up the side of the pool and turn around.

Finally, on Friday I was able to drop in from the upper level and freely skate in and out of the pool. It wasn’t fancy, but it was fun as hell. I was so excited that I shot this little skate video with my friends at the skatepark.

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